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Note that I have just transferred this site to it's current domain and I'm in the process of making some major updates and changes. A number of the links don't work, some pages are messed up such as not showing images, etc. Please bear with me as I get everything in good order!                  Chuck 01-16-18

   When I first posted this site in the mid '90s it covered both Zundapp KS601's and old Dodge Power Wagons. At that time a search for Power Wagon might net three hits. As for Zundapp KS601's, you could search till your phone company dropped you, your modem fried, and your wife and dog left without finding a single page.

Things have improved rather dramatically regarding both. Resources for the KS601 are still a bit sparse, and for awhile you needed to be able to stumble along in Dutch and German to extract the info that was out there. Now, Google generally does a pretty good job of translating the pages and there are a number of useful parts sources and informative sites, even a Zundapp user group on Yahoo, although not a great deal seems to be going on there in general. I hope this site helps fill part of the persistent vacuum and provides some technical info that is still generally lacking on the internet, or anywhere else for the matter.

Old Dodge Power Wagons are much better represented on the web these days. There are now many great parts sources and information pages. You can spend a lot of time reading useful info and checking out pics of these beautiful old machines with very little searching. It's my hope that despite the plethara of information, my old Power Wagon site will still serve a useful function providing technical specs and a glance at original sales literature for the trucks and their accesories. My interest pretty much ends by the late '60s so, generally speaking, if the door handles don't hook the brush (always a pet peave of mine, now kind of a fond one) you won't find much info on it there. Still, be sure to check out my site on the menu to the left.

Via the "Some Other Stuff" menu item, above left, I'm also going to start adding some pages on other compelling interests of mine, early vacuum tube computing and SAGE system radar among them. I have a particular interest in SAGE gap filler radars as I just coincidentally live within view of one of the perhaps three remaining basically intact examples in the country, ours residing atop our beloved Mt. Baldy, a 250' plus dune between Lake Michigan and Saugatuck-Douglas where I live. I will put in a special request right here for any maintenance info or documentation you might know of regarding the Lewyt FST-1 Coordinate Data Transmitter and Bendix AN/FPS-14 radar. We are slowly working toward restoring our radar annex and the FST-1 is a passion of mine, having been right at the leading edge of technology when it was put into service in the mid 50's, sending radar data to the incredible AN/FSQ-7 computer via the first application of the modem outside of research. Let me also add a plug for the Saugatuck - Douglas Historical Society, a truly impressive organization for a community of our size.

My goal is both to pass along and to gather information. I'm always looking for new Dodge Power Wagon and Zundapp KS601 links and parts sources and that is also true, now, of anything SAGE related. If you know of some I've missed, or would like to make a comment or suggestion or ask a question, feel free to email me at mechanique at wmol dot com. May as well get in on the fun with all the spammers. Meanwhile, click on the menu links above to the left and have a look around.

I would ask that if you should copy content from this website that you attribute it appropriately. I guess that's asserting a copyright. Never really thought about it before, but lately I've found a few sites who saw fit to simply copy a page or two, lock stock and barrel, and use it for their own. I've discovered that irritates me.

I have yet to swipe some tasteful background colors and/or patterns from someone else's webpage, and I've grown fond of these over the years, so...

Last updated 01-16-18
Email:  mechanique at wmol dot com